Reaper Miniatures: A Hell born Paladin, an Evil Priest and a Barbarian

Some recently completed miniatures to add to the display cabinet of my local game store…

Vaeloth Hellborn Paladin

Deckard Nightveil

Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead





Reaper: A couple of Rangers

An elf and human Ranger. The Elf was a pain in the ass in particular. I really couldn’t decide what to do with the armour. It was hard to figure out what was what. Is it leather? Metal? I had no idea so I flipped a coin and went with metal for the most part. The human Ranger was relatively straight forward.

Ashlyn Ranger


Reaper Miniatures: Dorva, Female Dark Elf

I’m on a new kick these days. I’m experimenting with deeper shading and dark colours. I like working with a dark basecoat and working my way up to sharper brighter highlights. It can be tough sometimes as it doesn’t always work but in the end I’m enjoying the results.


A few more Reaper Miniatures as usual

I get more pleasure out of painting Reaper Miniatures for commission work than any other line of models.  When someone requests a Reaper model, it’s almost always going to be used to represent a player character in a Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons campaign. A client usually has an idea for a character and they want that character realized for the table top. This character usually has an extensive and well thought out background that comes straight out of the client’s imagination. I get the pleasure of bringing this character to life visually. As you can imagine, this is extremely rewarding and the pay is good too. 😉

Valeros Iconic Original


Mason Thornwarden

Reaper: Rogues and Killers

Each one of these models has been languishing half painted on my table for several years. One of my new years resolutions is to go back and clear up some of the ever expanding sea of metal. Four down, hundreds to go…

Klaus Copperthumb

Franc Jeaunoir

Blue Orchid Assassin

Kneeling Assassin

Zombie ladies, Walkers and Runners.

Some more Zombicide Zombies…

Zombie Ladies


Zombie Runners



Zombicide Survivors: Doug and Phil

A pair of Zombicide survivors Doug and Phil. The great thing about these minis is how easy they are to paint. I also don’t spend too much time on them, considering that they’re really just boardgame pieces. Quick, simple and fun just like the game itself.

Doug and Phil

Zombicide Survivors

It’s been a while since I touched the mountain of Zombicide miniatures on my table. I hadn’t done any of the survivors to date so now is as good a time as any. These are actually more fun to paint than the actual zombies themselves. El Cholo was a particular favourite to work on. Who didn’t love Danny Trejo in Machete?

Dave Josh El Cholo

Reaper bad guys and painting black

These were an experiment in simulating black armour and clothing. Admittedly black isn’t a colour I have much experience with beyond boots and weapons. Black can be tricky to work with. The wrong highlight colour will ruin the effect so for the most part I like to use blue or grey. The problem with that is too much blue and it ends up looking… blue. Too much grey and it looks… well you know. So these models are the results of my little experiment. Does it work?

Death Knight

Gastaroth Vampire


Barbarian Dude

Some really cool models occasionally make their way across my paint table. The Barbarian Dude by Raining Frogs Garage is one such model. This bad boy is awesome from top to bottom. Unfortunately he’s not mine to keep and worst of all he’s a long sold out limited edition model so I’m straight out of luck. I could probably find one on ebay but I’d have to pay for it with my eternal soul. At least I got the chance to drop paint on one so I’ll settle for the experience and I still have the pics to pine over.

As part of the project, I was asked to convert it so he could better represent a player character in a D&D campaign. The model originally came with a two-handed sword but a two-handed war hammer was needed instead. I had a pack of Dwarf weapons from Reaper miniatures (no idea when or why I bought them). I clipped the head from a one handed hammer and combined it with a spear haft taken from a very old and broken plastic skeleton horseman. Bam! instant two-handed war hammer. Actually I think this is considered a maul when the haft is this long but whatever…


Barbarian Dude

Two Dwarfs and a Cleric

These are just a few minis that I will have for sale at the Hobby Kingdom. If you happen to be in the area, go and buy them.


Hanseth Dimguard

Dwarven Pathfinder Grunt

Durgam Deepmug

Reaper: Dwarf Wizard

I thought it might be fun to paint this up as some sort of fire using wizard. I admit that I borrowed the idea from the Games Workshop Bright Wizard. I think it was the wild hair that reminded me of the Bright Wizard paint scheme so I ran with it and this is the result.


Dwarf Wizard 2

Rolling Bones Goreshade the Bastard and Deathwalker

I guess this is a limited edition model or something. I’m not clear on the details. Either way it was a simple enough of a project. It’s amazing how easy Cryx models are to work on.

Rolling Bones Goreshade

Reaper Pathfinder Iconics: Feiya

I’m not completely satisfied with how this one turned out. It was a tough model to work on considering how tiny she is. I guess I can always paint up another one…


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