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Catching up…

Blood Angel Primaris


Primaris Imperial Fists Sgt

Primaris Plasma1


Recent Minis…

Almaran the Gold

Brock Battlebow

Klaus Copperthumb






Most of what I’ve been up to in the last few months crammed into one big post…


The Avengers


Amiri Iconic Barbarian

Grundor Hoardtaker

Bryndi Female Warrior

Mason Thornwarden

Quinn Nolan Warrior

Frostgrave Barb 2

Frostgrave Barbarian1

Aundine, Darkspawn Solo1

Ardynn, Elven Hero1

Deladrin, Assassin 1

Talathlan, Elf Ranger1



A very looong overdue update.

I’ve been lax on my blog updates and have been chastised publicly for it. For the most part I use Facebook as it’s a little easier and quicker to share my work. I also reach a much larger audience that way.

Anyway I’m just going to do a huge pic dump and show what I’ve been up to for the last several months. these are in no particular order…


Skarre BrownBack

Ardellen Ranger

Burl OakfistDaemon Prince

Fall and Winter Elves


Frostgrave Barbarian1

Kjell Bloodbear front

Menoth Crusader

Tolan Druid

Valdarynn, Arch Mage

Thund Front

Callus Darklore







Reaper: Shalelu, Elf Ranger

It took me a while to warm up to this model and it didn’t turn out completely as planned. I think I may have kept the palette a little too monotone. Perhaps a little more variation in the browns and greens would have helped.


Reaper: Elf Ranger

This is the second time that I’ve had the chance to paint this mini. This time around it was for commission. The client had seen the first one and wanted something similar done to rep his own player character. I was more than happy to oblige.


Reaper: Queen Ileosa Arabasti of Korvosa

This was a pretty fun commission. Not the easiest project I’ve ever had but satisfying enough in the end. Apparently she’s going to be used as a final confrontation for a group of adventurers in a Pathfinder campaign. I’m looking forward to hearing the story as it unfolds.


Reaper: Holy Warriors

I painted these as a way to let off some steam after working on a few commissions. It actually feels good to work on something that doesn’t have a deadline for a change.

Holy Warriors

Reaper Pathfinder: Mystic Theurge

I actually forgot that I painted this. I do remember that I really enjoyed working on it as it’s a really nice sculpt. I should have taken a bigger pic. Some more angles would have been nice too.  Next time…

Mystic Theurge

Red Wizards of Thay

The Red Wizards of Thay were among the most notorious of villains in the Forgotten Realms lore. These guys were complete assholes. Tyrants, schemers, slavers and more. They’ve been an interest of mine after fighting against some of them in the Bioware game Mask of the Betrayer.

These two Reaper models have been on and off my paint table for a couple of years now. I got tired of seeing them unfinished so it was time to get them done and gone. Painting them up to represent a pair of Red Wizards made it an interesting project.

What made them fun in particular was fooling around with the red highlights. The robes were essentially finished a while back and after picking them up again I thought they looked a little dull. I wanted to make the red “pop” so I tried to highlight them even further with an even brighter colour. I picked up a bottle of Golden High Flow Acrylics Fluorescent Orange and gave that a try. These are the results. I think I’ll be doing this again…

Red Wizards of Thay

Khorne Daemonkin

I don’t get to spend enough time painting for myself. So much of what I do is commission work for other people. I think it was time for me spend a little effort on something for myself so I went with, Daemonkin. Nice and easy and I also get to play with red, a colour I really enjoy working with more than any other. Much fun was had. So much so that I think I’ll keep going and see how far I get. At least before my limited attention span gets the better of me and leads me in another direction….

Flesh Hounds



Reaper Pathfinder: Hook Mountain Ogre #1

I remember painting this model but I don’t remember when that was. I think it was about two years ago. I’m not sure anymore. Anyway I really like it.

Hook Mountain Ogre

Reaper: Dwarfs


A couple of Dwarfs for the cabinet. I’ve painted both of these before so nothing terribly new here. I do think I’ve done a better job this time around so I guess that counts for something.

Dain Deepaxe

Kragmarr Dwarf Captain


Reaper Miniatures: Braug, Ogre Warrior

I have no idea what prompted me to paint this model other than it was laying around and I had an inexplicable urge.  I don’t usually paint many monster type models but I’m glad I did. In fact I think I might paint up a few more. It was fun playing around with non human skin tones like this. When you paint humans (and other humanoid types like Elves and Dwarfs)  you really have to stick within a limited range. Not so much with… Ogres. So all in all it was nice to step outside of the box for a change.


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