Barbarian Dude

datetime December 23, 2014 9:20 pm

Some really cool models occasionally make their way across my paint table. The Barbarian Dude by Raining Frogs Garage is one such model. This bad boy is awesome from top to bottom. Unfortunately he’s not mine to keep and worst of all he’s a long sold out limited edition model so I’m straight out of luck. I could probably find one on ebay but I’d have to pay for it with my eternal soul. At least I got the chance to drop paint on one so I’ll settle for the experience and I still have the pics to pine over.

As part of the project, I was asked to convert it so he could better represent a player character in a D&D campaign. The model originally came with a two-handed sword but a two-handed war hammer was needed instead. I had a pack of Dwarf weapons from Reaper miniatures (no idea when or why I bought them). I clipped the head from a one handed hammer and combined it with a spear haft taken from a very old and broken plastic skeleton horseman. Bam! instant two-handed war hammer. Actually I think this is considered a maul when the haft is this long but whatever…


Barbarian Dude

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