How to make icicles


How to make Icicles

Do you need great looking icicles for a winter themed diorama or your terrain? Good I’ll show you how in a few easy steps. Get a pen and paper and pull up a chair.

What you’ll need…




  • Water Effects by Woodland Scenics (available at most hobby/train stores)
  • fibre optic cable or fishing line
  • scissors
  • masking tape



1.  Cut a few pieces of the fibre optic cable into one and a half to two inch pieces in length. I use a snow  theme quite often so I usually make a few extras for later.


2.  Next remove the cap from the Water Effects bottle. Squeeze the bottle so that the resin contents rise to the top of the bottle. Take one of the pieces of fibre optic cable and wipe it around the inside rim of the bottle. Coat the cable liberally with the resin and wipe off the excess. The tricky part is shaping the icicle into the desired shape. It will take you a few tries.


3.  It should look something like this.


4.  These take a while to dry so You’ll need to find an out of the way place for them to hang. Take a piece of tape an stick each piece somewhere they can hang dry. I stick them to my  lamp or paint rack. You should leave them overnight before trying to use them.  They’re ready to go when the resin is clear.

5. The resin remains a little rubbery so you can easily cut them into the size that you need. Here are a few examples of the finished product on some of my mini’s. You can stick them to any surface using the Water Effects resin. DO NOT USE CRAZY GLUE OR ANY OTHER CYANOACRYLATE. It can turn yellowish over time. Been there. So that should do it. Enjoy!

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